Travel Awards

Purpose: The Honors Program has limited funding available to support student travel to participate at conferences and other academic or professional venues that will enhance their educational experience. Funding will be awarded on the quality of the proposal and available funding.

Eligibility: These travel awards are primarily for students who are (1) presenting a paper or poster at a conference; (2) receiving an award or special recognition; or (3) assuming an elected office.  Students may also receive funding assistance for travel to educational conferences.  For consideration, an applicant must be an Honors student in good standing.

Process: Applications for travel awards should be submitted to the Honors Director as soon as an invitation to the event is received and no less than one month prior to the proposed travel. The application must include:

  • the completed application
  • a copy of the invitation/confirmation to present or attend the conference or event
  • a copy of the abstract or other submitted conference materials (if applicable)
  • a budget of all related expenses (please use template on form).

If more than one student is requesting travel to the same conference or event, each student must complete a separate application. Applications will be reviewed by the Director. Travel awards will be awarded based on the merit of the request and available funding. Applications may be fully funded, partially funded, or not funded. Students approved by the program for travel awards must comply with all relevant policies and procedures of the University, including but not limited to University Rule 13.04.99.C1 and University Procedure 13.04.99.C1.01. Failure to do so may result in the award being revoked.

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