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Nature of Honors Program Scholarships

Awards are competitive and merit based. A student's application will be scored based on the following items:

  • Academic achievement, including grade point average.
  • Leadership, campus and community involvement.
  • Number of honors hours taken.

Estimated Amounts and Number of Available Scholarships for 2017-2018

Amounts are per year.

  • Freshmen: $1,000
  • Sophomores:$1,600
  • Juniors: $2,400
  • Seniors/PofE: $4,000


Scholarships are broken down into 5 categories: New student, Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior. Applicants in each category compete against each other (i.e. all sophomores are compared to each other and not to juniors).

  • Seniors are only considered for a scholarship if they are intending to complete a Project of Excellence. To be considered, check the appropriate box on the "PofE approval page" form when you submit your proposal. You need to submit your proposal and approval form on or before June 1.
  • For each classification, a student may only receive a scholarship in that amount for 2 semesters. For example, if a student is classified as a sophomore for 3 semesters, he can only get a sophomore scholarship for the first 2 semesters. During the 3rd sophomore semester, he is not eligible for a scholarship.
  • Classification will be determined by the number of total hours (TAMUCC and transfer credits) at the end of the spring semester for the following academic year. Students are not re-classified at any other time of the year.

Eligibility Notes

  • A student must meet all scholarship eligibility requirements the year prior to and the year of receiving the scholarship.
  • During the fall semester of the scholarship, should a student fail to attend a required Honors Program event without an acceptable excuse, then the student will lose the scholarship for the spring semester. The Director will determine if an absence is excused.
  • In the instance above, the student would also loose eligibility to receive a scholarship for the following academic year.
  • Honors scholarships are available only to students that have been accepted to the Honors Program. A specific number of scholarships will held for newly admitted Honors students.

Current student deadline: April 15

These scholarship instructions apply only to current Honors students.

Follow the instructions on the scholarship application form above . For consideration for an Honors scholarship, you do not have to complete the university's scholarship application form. You are encouraged to also apply for regular University scholarships as you can receive more than one scholarship from TAMUCC. The regular deadline for University Scholarships (non-freshmen) is March 1. Late applications are accepted. Please visit their website at for more information.

New Student Scholarships

Newly admitted students are ranked based on their application, interview, and writing sample. Based on the number of available scholarships, they may be offered an Honors scholarship.

New applicants do not complete the Honors Scholarship application. 

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