Independent Study

The Honors Program offers HONR 4396: Directed Independent Study for those students and faculty who wish to pursue a course of study which does not neatly fall within any of our regular course offerings.

Note that only juniors and seniors are eligible to enroll in HONR 4396 and only 3 credits of Directed Independent Study may count for Honors graduation.

In addition to completing the Directed Independent Study Proposal Form, you must attach

  1. A description of your proposed study;
  2. An outline of objectives and student learning outcomes;
  3. A list of required texts and supplies to purchase;
  4. The specific method of evaluation (which must include the nature of assignments, due dates for assignments and assignment weights);
  5. A provisional course outline; and,
  6. A separate bibliography of research connected with your study.

For purposes of Honors Council review and approval, be sure your proposal reflects the required components of Honors Program courses:

  • They are writing intensive;
  • They foster critical thinking and meta-cognitive skills (including problem-solving strategies and consideration of multiple or conflicting perspectives);
  • They engage students through active-learning pedagogies;
  • They involve undergraduates in original research projects; and,
  • They are interdisciplinary in perspective and/or content.

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