Honors Student Association

Big Event

The Honors Student Association (HSA) is the grand collective of honors students which provides numerous leadership and service opportunities. It is first and foremost a venue for honors students to exercise their creative energies so as to give back to the honors community and thereby to improve the academic and cultural life of the Island University. Thus the HSA is responsible for organizing Fall and Spring new student orientations and retreats, the Honors Ball and Awards Ceremony, new student mentoring, and many additional events ranging from the scholarly to the adventurous to the simply fun.

Within HSA, there is a set of elected officers. These dedicated and studious individuals are the forefront of planning for the above-mentioned events, in concordance with the Honors Program Coordinator. To view the current set of HSA officers and their titles, please see the link below.

2016-2017 HSA Officers

For more information about HSA, please visit our OrgSync page. Please note that membership on the OrgSync page is only available to current Honors students.

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