Characteristics of an Honors Student

The founding director of the Honors Program and the person largely responsible for its inception and design, Dr. Janis Haswell,

Fall 2016 Retreatguided her efforts by the following dictum:

Honors students are made, not found.

That is, the Honors Program is not composed of genuiuses. It is composed of students with rare drive and fortitude to help each other do better in all their endeavors and, sometimes, to accomplish the extraordinary.

Over the years, we have noticed that Honors students share several common characteristics.  If you find yourself saying "Yes!  That's me!" then you just might be an honors student.

  • Curious & inquisitive.
  • Enjoy reading for leisure or enhancing knowledge.
  • Hard working - willing to study more and go above and beyond to achieve success, which isn't necessarily measured by an A grade.
  • Enjoy debating with others.
  • Motivated to do and be more.
  • Truly enjoy learning.
  • Enjoy the hard courses because you like a good challenge.

There are many reasons you should want to be an honors student:

  • You see a college education as far more than a credentialing process--that it is first and foremost an opportunity to better yourself.
  • You flourish amongst those who are likewise unabashedly enthusiastic about understanding the world around them.
  • You long to prove yourself by your accomplishments, to have your metal well and truly tested in the academic crucible.
  • You see a college degree not as an end but as the beginning for greater academic and professional pursuits for which you need the best preparation.

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