The Honors Advantage

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Our goal is to enhance our students' skills, abilities, and experiences through our courses, peer and faculty mentoring, out of classroom experiences, research, and more. The curriculum, activities, and programs offered through Honors are designed to prepare students for whatever they choose to do after graduation.  Many of our students attend graduate or professional school while receiving significant financial aid packages and/or research opportunities.  Others start their career after graduation, proving to be well prepared for their position.

Accordingly, the Honors Program is focused on developing fundamental skills that will prove useful for any major and any career. Graduates of the Honors Program will be:

  • Expressively sophisticated in oral and written communication;
  • Analytically skilled in argument and problem-solving; and,
  • Technically adept at deploying formal and mathematical tools.

As a result of their mastery of the distinctive and challenging honors curriculum, graduates of the Honors Program will also be disposed to:

  • Challenge the status quo, lead when they must, and contribute where they can;
  • Demonstrate in their activities both self-discipline and self-determination; and
  • Actively and enthusiastically engage in understanding the world about them.

In wondering whether to apply to the Honors Program, your question should not be, "am I good enough to be an honors student?". You must ask instead, "have I the ambition to dig deep and push myself  beyond the limits of the average college student?"


Recognizing the challenges facing Honors Students, the University has provided a number of resources to support them, including:

  • A special workspace, currently located in Corpus Christi Hall 262, which is available only to honors students and boasts a number of amenities, including,
    • Desktop computer stations;
    • A kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee-maker, etc.;
    • In-house laptop computers;
    • Printers, paper, and toner at no additional cost to students;
    • Couches and reading chairs;
    • Reconfigurable desks and chairs for group work and meetings;
    • Noise-canceling headphones for concentrated effort;
    • Projector and screen for presentations; and,
    • A huge whiteboard for peer-teaching, studying, and problem-solving.
  • Laptop computers which may be checked out for up to a semester at a time;
  • Early registration for courses which provides honors students with first-choice on their course schedules, allowing them the chance to create a perfectly balanced schedule with honors and regular courses.
  • Specially dedicated scholarship opportunities for honors students in good standing.
  • Access to travel funding in support of conferences and internships.
  • Public recognition for their accomplishments at commencement.

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