The Honors Program challenges its students with innovative, participatory, and rigorous learning experiences facilitated by approved Honors Program faculty. The faculty members provide both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary instruction, as well as facilitate co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities. Furthermore, these individuals provide personal mentoring and collaborative partnerships for their students.

The unique opportunity to participate in Honors courses that the faculty members structure to develop and strengthen critical-thinking and reasoning skills allows for students to enhance their creativity and well-roundedness; the Honors faculty are dedicated to creating an environment that encourages efficient and complex learning. 


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Meet Dr. Susan Murphy

Susan Wolff Murphy, Ph.D.

"Teaching in honors lets me pursue my interests in rhetoric, writing, and research. For students who are discouraged, I can help them feel more confident. For students who are already confident I hope to help them gain more sophisticated skills in using writing to achieve their goals. The students in honors are diverse in their interests, majors, career paths, and skills. It is always rewarding to work with them."